From Stuart Smith on Aero 3 Guitars:

Rob Austin - Aero 3 Guitars- and Stuart Smith

“I have to thank Soula Passas for introducing me to Rob Austin. A few months ago she told that a friend of hers had come up with some new technology for building guitars and that he was interested in building a guitar for me. Rob is an aerospace engineer who works for Boeing. I loved the ideas he had and also told him about the first Strat I’d ever bought back on Shaftsbury Ave in London back in the 70’s. I’d been playing it exclusively for so many years that I’d literally worn the neck out so Rob offered to build and install a new neck for me.

Old Neck of Stuart Smith Guitar

Old Neck of Stuart Smith Guitar worn out

Just before Christmas I flew up to Seattle to visit Rob and see how the guitars were coming along. Both the old Strat with the new neck and the new guitar looked and sounded incredible. A couple of days ago Rob flew into town and we met up and he presented the guitars to me.

Custom H&E Guitar Aero 3 Guitars

Aero 3 Guitars - Heaven & Earth

Aero 3 Guitars Custom Guitar For Suart Smith

My old Strat plays as good as it ever has but I’ve got to say that the signature model Rob built for me is propably the best sounding and easiest to play guitar that I have ever had. I was recording some solo’s on the new Heaven & Earth album yesterday and the sound of this guitar absolutely blew me away. Love the Heaven & Earth logo on it too. Also, the guitar is incredibly light. whereas all my other Strats weigh between 9 and 10 pounds, this one only weighs 6 pounds.

As musicians you’re always on the lookout for anything that will improve your sound and this is the first thing I’ve heard in decades that has amazed me and will be using Aero 3 Guitars from now on exclusively.”

Custom Aero 3 Guitar - Stuart Smith - Heaven & Earth

Aero 3 Guitars Heaven & Earth

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