Our very good friend, Christy Oldham has written a book on how to have a healthy dog.  If you’re a dog owner, check it out!

“I’ve seen a look in a dogs’ eyes; a quick vanishing look of amazed contempt and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.”
– John Steinbeck

Dogs can’t speak ‘human’ but they can talk! Are you listening? They rely on YOU to be their eyes and ears for everything in his or her world. That means everything from what is the best diet to reading the signs of illness.

In Christy Oldham’s How to Have a Healthy Dog you will find answers to the questions that your pet isn’t able to ask. Christy brings her years of experience caring for dogs to help YOU, the reader, speak canine to hopefully create a long and healthy life for your beloved dog. Let’s get started!

Purchase your copy here.

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