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The Forthcoming Album, IV, this November. – Heaven and Earth

The rock band, Heaven and Earth, lead by Stuart Smith, has landed two music placements in the new Hollywood Feature Film, Happy Birthday (See Exclusive Hollywood Cut Below), starring Steven Tyler (yeah the Steven Tyler).  “Good Times” and “Rock n Roll Does” are featured in the movie which Quarto Valley Records, very own President and CEO, Bruce Quarto has been involved with as the Executive Producer.  Since the inception of Heaven and Earth’s critically acclaimed album “Dig”, which was contracted and written starting in 2011, Mr. Quarto has been the sole Executive Producer of the entire Heaven and Earth band phenomena.   When asked about the band’s forthcoming album, entitled, Heaven and Earth IV, slated to be released in mid-to-late November, Mr. Quarto proclaimed, the few people in “the know” about the new album are remaining very tight lipped, however this album is going to receive numerous accolades for sure.  I simply cannot believe the sheer musical genius and perfection of the songs.  It’s everything I hoped for.  In my opinion, this compilation of quality, well produced and catchy tunes will change the music industry’s perception of what music should sound like in 2016 and beyond.  Primarily Fun and then stretching your abilities to bring musical joy to the masses…. That’s what we tried to do.

And as always,  Heaven and Earth has made this album quite diverse….”  With track names such as, “Hard to Kill”, “Walk Away”, Monster, Anthem, Bleed Me Dry and L.A. Blues the Heaven & Earth gang are firing on all 12 cylinders and fans are sure to be pleased.  With newley added member Kenny Arnoff on Drums, Ty Bailie on B3 and Keys , Lynn Sorensen on Bass and BG Vocals, Joe Retta on Vocals and Percussion and Stuart Smith on Guitars; the group is poised for greatness with H&E IV.  Quarto continued, “I truly believe that this 4th album is the charm. The biggest diamond ever discovered. Now we need to handle it with kid gloves and hire only the best diamond cutter in the whole world. Also, I feel this album is sure to cross several genres and win the hearts of not only the fans, music supervisors and such… But I think it will also help inspire future greatness in even the most accomplished musicians. In fact, I think there are going to be a whole lot of young kids out there forming garage bands, who are unsure of which musical path to follow… Well, these future rockers will most certainly find the answer in our new album”.  Then once again he “very knowingly” smiled and whispered: “Don’t worry… November will be here quicker than you think… And trust me… It will definitely be worth the wait!

Exclusive: “Happy Birthday” Clip Featuring Steven Tyler (2016) Horror Thriller Movie HD 

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