If you’re looking for straight-up rock & roll, look no further than the latest release from Heaven & Earth, Dig, featuring the single “No Money, No Love.” Top to bottom, this record is loaded with killer riffs, sing-along choruses and some excellent ballads.

Dig opens with “Victorious.” Using a sitar in the intro and an arpeggiated verse riff helps lend to its Middle-Eastern feel. This track gives the listener an idea of how powerful singer Joe Retta’s voice is. This song is about two warriors preparing to face off, and you can just feel the emotion in his voice, as though he’s doing a poetic play-by-play of the scene.

Heaven and Earth Dig

Heaven and Earth Dig

Another standout track on Dig is “House Of Blues.” It features a fantastic verse riff, courtesy of guitarist Stuart Smith. Smith was mentored by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple and Rainbow fame, who knows a thing or two about writing a catchy riff. Throw in some great vocal harmonies and a killer Hammond solo by keyboardist Arlan Schierbaum, and you’ve got yourself a winning formula.

Schierbaum also showcases its prowess with the keys on “Sexual Insanity.” This one’s a rocker, and if you didn’t know any better, you’d swear it was an Aerosmith B-Side off of Permanent Vacation or PUMP. It’s fast, catchy and where else can you sing about quenching your raging lust?

“Live As One” closes out Heaven & Earth’s latest release. It has a very anthem like feel to it, like one would expect to hear this as the encore or on the last night of a tour. It has a fantastic string accompaniment, and some group vocals for the chorus that help bolster the sound. Of all the songs on Dig, I can think of no better choice to close out Dig.

Dig is available now, via Quarto Valley Records. If you’re a fan of Bad Company, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Saints & Sinners and the like, Heaven & Earth’s latest offering is for you. Enjoy.



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