Dr. Music Announces Album of The Year - Heaven & Earth "Dig"

“Wow, talk about putting together a total package – this is it.
Bruce Quarto started Quarto Valley Records and gave Stuart Smith and company the freedom to create the best rock album they could possibly make, and this is the powerful product they came up with. From head to toe, this is a well dressed rock and roll scholar. Educated in the shadows of bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, and Zeppelin, Heaven & Earth put together a collection of songs that let me know that it could still be done; I can still have songs with a classic hard rock feel, and they can really kick ass. I was beginning to think those days were gone because of the lack of bands even trying to write in the classic rock vein. Heaven & Earth is doing it, and they’re doing it well. I can’t wait until they dig up some more classic rock gems and save rock and roll yet again. (Having one of the greatest album covers in the history of rock and roll doesn’t hurt either.)”

Read Dr Music’s full review of Dig here

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